Why I’ve Moved Here

moving truck webReaders of my blog might be a little confused as to why we left the banner featuring trees in early spring for what one of my friends calls my “Bollywood” website banner, and why I moved from blogspot to wordpress. The deal is that I’ve ocme to respect wordpress as an excellent way to maintain strong websites and blogs, and also, with my radio show on High Plains Public Radio starting in July (4.5 minutes every month of “Write From Your Life,” featuring a regional writer and writing exercise for listeners), I wanted to make a good home for both my blog and the radio show writing exercises so that readers could even post their writing (and praises of one another’s writing). It was also time to align my website and my blog more, not as twins of different mothers, but as siblings hanging out in the same house. So welcome to my new blog home, and please keep visiting!


One thought on “Why I’ve Moved Here

  1. Caryn,

    How do you move all of the content from blogspot to wordpress? I’ve wanted to move over, too but didn’t know how to move everything! Do you have any tips? If you can spare a moment, write to me on facebook or my email: flowerfables@yahoo.com. Thanks! And congrats on all the wonderful things going on. I check in with your updates often.

    ~Dawn Diebold

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