Swimming in the Ocean

Living in Kansas has immense charms and turns for me, but quite obviously, it doens’t have the lifts and the-beach-ocean-big-wavespulls of an ocean. Today I did some ocean migitation, wading into the water at Spring Lake, N.J. I hadn’t been an ocean for years, but I quickly remembered how impossible it is to keep any footing, how fierce the undertow, and how in seconds the level of the water rushes up to my head and then down to my knees. I jumped each rush of a wave, and sunk to my knees when the water pulled out the rug behind me, so glad to be back in the fast and high, backrolling and low, turn and charm of the water. This old home, this body of water, this memory and present at once. Later, back with Natalie, she said, “You were so happy. You looked like a five-year-old who went into a ‘Hello Kitty’ store or how you look whenever you see live otters.”


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