The Road to Hell is Paved with Snow

At least that’s what it feels like at moments lately. Our driveway is almost 1/2 mile up and down hills and around curves, and having not had a real winter in ages, we haven’t had too much trouble with snowy weather…..until now. The Christmas Blizzard left 10 inches of the white stuff, and our good neighbor, on his way to plow the drive for us, slipped and broke his collarbone and fractured his skull. He’s okay now, recovering well at home, and our heart goes out to him. We ended up, upon returning from Christmas in Missouri, ferrying armloads of groceries, gifts and luggage through three-foot high drifts along with all of us and Ken’s more-adventurous-than-she-was-planning mother. From then on, I’ve been driving her 4-wheel-drive, making the daily kamakaze bobsled run up and down the drive. Half the time, I slide a little, so there’s a lot of prayer and desperation involved, but what the hell.

Then there was still the unplowed drive, so I called Ozzie, who graciously agreed to visit with his have-truck-will-travel plow. Walking out the door to greet him, I slipped and sprained my wrist (almost better). After he did a great job on our drive, he was swinging around my mother-in-law’s house and encountered human-sized drifts. Luckily, he kept from sliding into the house, and thanks to his humor, the kids helping, and a lot of shovels, he got out.

Last night, charm #3 in snow struggles. I was simply driving the kids home at 9 p.m. from my mother-in-law’s house when I gingerly slipped off the road. Never mind that I was wearing only long underwear, a coat and heavy slippers (a woman can kick a lot of snow in her slippers when necessary). Rocking the car just rocked me further into the hinderlands. Ken was in Wichita for the night, although I called him for ideas, and eventually, I called our good neighbor Monty, who got out of bed, worked with me shoveling, pouring kitty litter around the wheels, and pushing the car forward while Natalie steered it. We almost got on the road, but no cigar, and the backwards approach didn’t work either. Monty then drove to town to get his truck and towed me, first forward, then backwards, then forward again, and then actually sideways until I was on the road again.

Now more snow is readying itself to fall, and unlike past years when the snow was so rare that it was magical, now it’s magical-plus. While it feels like the road to hell is paved with snow and ice lately, I’m also sure that the road to heaven to paved (or plowed) by friends. Thanks, Ray, Ozzie and Monty, our good neighbors. And may all our paths be passable.

Photos: Okay, the top one is sideways, but that’s what it feels like at times.


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  1. Wow! You’ve been having some serious snow adventures! I’m so glad you’re all safe…hope your wrist is much, much better.

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