Visit My New Blog: Needle in the Bone

I just started a new blog, this one focused exclusively on the book I’ve been working on for several years. Needle in the Bone: The Uncommon Survival of a Holocaust Survivor and Polish Resistance Fighter. Based on interviews with Lou Frydman, a Holocaust survivor of six concentration camps and three death marches, and Jarek Piekalkewicz, a Polish resistance fighter who, at age 18, was commanding 1,000 men in the Warsaw Uprising, the book blends oral histories, research and my own unanswerable questions about how such systematic mass murder could happen. Please visit and leave your comments, and check back for new posts. Please also consider subscribing and helping me get out the word on their amazing story.

Picture: Lou in 1946, a year after liberation when he was living in the Aglasterhausen UNRRC camp.