The Yearning to Garden

It’s spring, and come mid-March, the somewhat ancient urge to go dig up dirt and plant something makes a gal’s heart dance, but for those of us in Northeast Kansas, the urge has been continually rained or — gasp! — snowed out in the last two weeks. Just a short week ago, we received nine inches of snow at our place just south of Lawrence. Canceled were plans to break ground as well as plans to simply leave the house so I succumbed to a day in my pajamas with books, movies and soup. Before then and afterward, it seems I just arrive at the day when the ground is dried out (e.g. not complete mud is dried out enough for me) when the rain returns. Meanwhile, I dream of potatoes and onions, peas and spinach. Meanwhile, it rains, not wild and harsh rain but that soft steady drizzle of early spring. The peepers are peeping, the daffodils are daffodiling, and I long for a shovel and some ground that won’t clump into balls of mud.

Pictures: feeding the birds on the first day of spring, and the closest thing to a dragonfly in the garden.