Pink Cupcakes in Princeton

I just had a wonderful time reading from The Sky Begins at Your Feet: A Memoir on Cancer, Community and Coming Home to the Body in Princeton, NJ at the Breast Cancer Resource Center, part of the YWCA here, thanks to the great organizing efforts of Kara Stephenson, executive director of the center, plus it didn’t hurt having my mom tell all her friends and our family about it either. I loved reading to an audience composed of breast cancer survivors, students who’ve graduated from our Goddard Transformative Language Arts program, and so much of my family, which was a special treat.

As a long-time writer, I’m constantly amazed at how good it feels to share my work aloud. Before the books of the last year, I did readings every so often — mostly poetry, and mostly to small audiences — for years, and it was mostly very good for me (and hopefully okay for the audience). But to be able to share a story of mortality and dirty dishes, arguing children and spiritual wonders with an audience who has seen it all and then some has been delight on steroids. I also was moved to see pink balloons outside and in, helping guide people to the reading as well as those killer cupcakes.

Thanks to Scott Youmans for the great photos too, and special thanks to my pal Kris who took this trip with me to NY, NJ, and soon, CT.

Pictures: With Kris from Kansas and some cupcakes, and with Yvette from NJ (and Goddard)


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