Mythic Kansas: Winning Poem from the To the Stars Poetry Contest

I am thrilled to announce the winning poet in the second week of the To the Stars poetry contest: Richard Huff of Overland Park (nonprofessional poet category). Here is his poem on the theme of “Mythic Kansas.” Enter your poem in next week’s contest, Night and Flight. This contest is open to all Kansans, and winners receive a copy of To the Stars: The Ad Astra Poetry Project edited by Denise Low and with writing exercises by me, plus publication of their poems on this site at the the Kansas Arts Commission website.

Kor – The Kansas God of Earthquakes

Thor, the God of Thunder
Bequeathed to his son
God of Earthquakes
To protect the land

Kor with torch in hand
Lives beneath the land
Beneath the Great Plains
In the Land of Kansas
Below in dark canyons
Formed by fault walls

His torch lights the way
Through unseen canyons
And with jets of fire
Blocks of rock soften
Forces are lessened
Stresses are released

As blocks are pushed
Hoisted upward from their
Deep earthly foundations
Kor resists

Protects the land

Until forces and anger rage

Tearing his grip
Lightning blows
From the rock
To the sky

Land rumbles and shakes
Fountains release water,
sand and soil
Bricks tumble
Rails bend
Trains derail

Kor cries

Rage subsides
Land is gentle
Rivers flow
Winds blow

Kor waits and holds
The faults and
Blocks of rock

Time flows
Time moves all
Until forces and
Anger rage again

Anger from Mon
God of the Mantle