Yoga & Coffee: Everyday Magic, Day Four

Sometimes things that normally don’t seem to go together actually were made for each other: cruise control and books on tape (or else, as I can well testify, beware speeding tickets or running out of gas), power naps and very hot or very cold afternoons, and yoga and coffee. While the last combination might make one a bit jittery, it’s the perfect way as I can tell to start the day, and not just coffee, but very good, just-ground coffee mixed with chocolate or vanilla almond milk and a touch of hazelnut agave. It’s the perfect breakfast food, an extension of sorts of the old Carnation instant breakfast drinks I downed on my way to high school back in the last century, but perhaps even better. I mean, there’s caffeine, chocolate, protein and sweetness not to mention the aromotherapy effects of brewing the coffee.

Then there’s the yoga. Today I drove to the Holiday Inn Express of all places for the final Saturday of my year-long yoga teacher training. Sitting on my mat in a circle with the 16 other women I’ve come to love and find great inspiration from, I alternately chanted Hare Krishna variation and sipped my coffee concoction. I had woken up feeling too tired to even imagine a downward-facing dog, and still a wee bit shaky from being a wee bit sick, but by the time I finished chanting, drinking coffee, and moving through a few sun salutations, I felt ready to burst out in “Oh, what a beautiful morning!” Lucky for my classmates, we were aiming ourselves into warrior poses instead, which funneled the sudden and alert magic of the moment for me through my extending arms and strengthening legs.

As I prepared to lift five or six bags of yoga books and props, including my mat and bolster, a friend came up to me, pointed to my empty jar, and said, “Please bring one for me tomorrow.” I nodded as we both giggled over the mutual magic we know of, and told her, “Absolutely.”


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