Quilt in a Flash: Everyday Magic, Day 20

My sister Lauren, always the plucky comic relief in our family, said, after reading the Everday Magic posts, “You start writing about magic, and then you get all this death.” Unfortunately true, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some light to glean. And what better way to glean it than to make something?

This is a rough draft of the new quilt — not yet hand-edged as need be or, for that matter, actually quilted — but now I can see how it all comes together. In these colors, I see something also laced with a different kind of light: the night. My intention was to pull together fabric that conveyed what we can see in the dark when we’re really looking and lucky enough to catch something ready to be seen. In the night, the green still looks green, but as if it has more dimensions. The blue, purple, red, orange can be seen too — everything more shaded but also deeper.

I imagine sleeping under this quilt with Ken in the winter when the days are squeezed to a fragment of what they are now, and we’re immersed in the dark of the dark. What will I be dreaming then?


3 thoughts on “Quilt in a Flash: Everyday Magic, Day 20

  1. WOW!!! This looks REALLY REALLY cool! Maybe I missed an earlier post about the quilt– how is it that you are doing it?

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