Which Came First: The Clouds or Impressionist Painters: Everyday Magic, Days 23-24

Yesterday as we swam in the pond on a humid Vermont afternoon, Katt — one of my beloved colleagues — asked Karen and Lise (other beloved colleagues) and me which came first: the impressionist painters or the clouds that look like they inspired impressionist painters. Since the chicken and egg question has finally been solved, according to my son who read it in a scientific journal (turns out — ta da! — it’s the chicken), maybe this is the next question for our time.

This makes me think again of Joan Foth, the landscape painter I wrote about last week, who painted the sky in such a way that I now see the sky, particularly western skies, through the lens of her paintings. What we create can show us the world and visa-versa.

This is very much the world of Goddard too where creations and ways of seeing the ordinary abound. I found this freshly-composed art when I arrived, and soon afterward, saw that red wheel barrow, on which so much depends. The art of the world teaches us how to see and make the art of the world.