Sychronized Swimming Without Water: Everyday Magic, Days 29-30

Last night at the cabaret that brought our residency toward its close, we in the faculty (with the help of one student) performed synchronized swimming without water as the Goddard Pre-Olympic Team. Never mind we only had a few rehearsals — Katt reminded us often we didn’t want to “over-rehearse” or we would lose the magic — and that we only had costumes festooned from what we could find at the Dollar Store (and attached to us with masking tape and staples). We swam!

Our grace was assisted by Francis and Ralph (grass skirts to set the mood) waving a long line of blue fabric as our ocean, and by the song “Dreamweaver,” which sounds, oddly enough, like it was invented for waterless synchronized swimming.

Swimming through the air, following our star swimmer, Karen, I felt a kind of crazy elegance, and I was glad our practice of front strokes, back strokes and leg action culminated in a memorable (at least for me) performance. Long live the quasi-interesting swim team!


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