The Color Orange Shines Out From Its Frame: Everyday Magic, Day 35

For weeks now, I’ve been blown away by the color orange in some of the stunning photographs of Rick Mitchell, a Lawrence-based artist and old friend. I’m particularly smitten by this photo of a washcloth saturated in orange. What is it about this color?

I know I’ve written last month about the orange sky, and the Goddard student, Patricia Boissevain, who opened my eyes to orange, but I’m still surprised and warmed, dazzled and comforted by the site of vibrant orange. Maybe it related to the glow of the sun, or the way windows at night in houses I pass sometimes have that orange glow (when the blue TV glow doesn’t take over). Maybe it has something to do with how orange is a combination of red — our blood, poppies, the life force — and yellow — light and shine. Maybe it’s simply because of how orange isn’t the most usual color we see. I mean, how many orange cars can you spot in the next parking lot?

When I look at Rick’s photos of orange, something in me wakes me and feels happier when I’m happy, sadder when I’m sad, more confused when I’m confused. In other words, looking at and into orange just brings me home to whatever I feel, wherever I am…..and at the same time, makes life glow in that orange kind of way.

Rick’s photos are currently displayed in the Signs of Life gallery in downtown Lawrence.


4 thoughts on “The Color Orange Shines Out From Its Frame: Everyday Magic, Day 35

  1. I’ve always loved the color orange…in fact, my bedroom (when I was a teenager) was painted orange with white woodwork…!

    Rick is an incredible photographer.

  2. As I read your Orange Magic, I think of all of the orange in my life. At this very moment I am drinking out of an Orange coffee Mug, Orange on the inside no less. White on the outside big a big painted yellow/orangey flower on the outside. (Your Mother bought me this Mug, she can’t STOP buying/giving me dishes and mugs) Orange in also the theme in the downstairs bathroom. Orange really is a very warm feeling that makes me feel warmed inside.

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