Quilting St. Paul: Everyday Magic, Day 36

Just finished the machine-sewing part of a quilt made of scraps from the quilt I made last month, edged with that magical orange, and ready to be finished and quilted for Natalie to take with her to St. Paul. When I think of her leaving, I’m in a similar state as her. She’s thrilled and scared, I’m thrilled and sad. I can’t wait for her to find even more of her considerable voice (she’ll be studying jazz singing) and all the new turns of wild joy college will bring, but I’m going to miss her. Like most grief, this grief is kind of retroactive so I’m feeling the loss already.

At least I know she’ll be dreaming under a quilt made of the same center colors and fabrics of the same quilt we’ll be under just 7.5 hours by fast car south. And I love that she chose the vibrancy of orange as her color to surround her new life.


2 thoughts on “Quilting St. Paul: Everyday Magic, Day 36

  1. What a beautiful dreaming quilt to start her new adventure with. May all her dreams come true and may you know what a wonderful mom you are.

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