Everything Looks Different From the Water: Everyday Magic, Day 40

“I’ve gotten to the point where I would rather see places from the water,” Sandy told me on the sailboat yesterday afternoon. “Everything looks different from there.” She was right, I realized, as I looked out to the wooded areas, some slightly hilly, surrounding Perry Lake. For one thing, everything looks different when you get into the cool wind of the moving sailboat, and the August heat dissolves. For another, being in the center of the water makes you feel like you are now officially at the center of wherever you are.

We left the dock about 4, and for the next 4 hours moseyed and sped, leveled calm and tilted quick, across the lake and into a section of it about 12 miles long. I especially liked standing next to the sails, holding onto a line of course, and feeling the breeze continually wash over me.

All in all, it was a magical afternoon, our family graced with this gift from Sandy and Frank, as we sailed through conversations about stem cell research benefits, the latest headlines from The Onion, our kids’ elementary school days (since as the previous 5th and 6th grade teachers to two of our kids, Sandy and Frank had the goods on us), origins of sailing and how the Vikings learned to sail into the wind, the best food of Spain and Costa Rica, Flamenco guitar, flamingos and other pink birds, and how it was we older folks lived our childhoods without hummus.

By the time we got back to land, just after sunset, I felt, although half the ice in the cooler hadn’t even melted away, we were returning from a refreshing vacation, all of us tilted right away by sailing through and with the wind. Thank you, Frank & Sandy!


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