Tashlich: Take Me to the River: Everyday Magic, Day 57

Yesterday, I did what I’ve been doing for years on the first day of Rosh Hashana, going down to a body of water with people from our congregation so that we can perform Tashlich, a ritual based on throwing our sins, or whatever we want to release from our lives, into the water. Actually, we throw bits of bread into the water, letting it represent what we’re ready to live without.

The word Tashlich literally means “casting off,” and so I remind myself to consider what I’m ready to cast away. Most years, it’s simply any self-defeating behaviors that keep me from affirming health, joy and community in my life. This year, standing as usual next to my friend Reva, we found the high wind made it hard to throw down to the river below our sins. We ended up having to ball up small bits of bread and throw hard, watching them land and make little rushing ripple that the river took forward, out of sight and around the bend.


One thought on “Tashlich: Take Me to the River: Everyday Magic, Day 57

  1. What a wonderful ritual! Sometimes we feel like we are going against the wind to release that which needs to be released, but with a good friend by our side and determination, anything is possible!

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