I Like Shiny Things: Everyday Magic, Day 59

The older I get, the more I turn into a crow, swooping down to marvel at shiny things, and what better things to find shine in than beads? About four years ago, I got hooked on buying shiny beads — glass beads, rock beads, sparkle beads, glimmery beads — and stringing them together in necklaces or looping them into earrings. I even got to the point where now, when I buy a new shirt or dress, I’m thinking of whether it will go well with a necklace or earrings.

I wear shiny things for myself primarily, not to be noticed or to stand out in a crowd, but simply because the shine upon me penetrates my mood and lifts me up. If we’re going to be alive, even on some days when that onward motion takes great effort, why not shine? And if we’re going to shine, why not sparkle when the light comes out way, and even glow when there isn’t much light?

So I recommend swooping down to examine and make our own whatever shines. Seems to me to be a great way to embrace age and change and to test and strengthen our wings.


2 thoughts on “I Like Shiny Things: Everyday Magic, Day 59

  1. The Shiny Crow Syndrome hit me a few years earlier than you. The result was dozens and dozens of bracelets. How can you resist circles of colors on your wrist? Red coral, dark green malachite, turquoise, blue azurite, lapis lazuli, sodolite, topaz and aquamarine, green jade, peridot, fluorite, amazonite, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, mother-of-pearl, pink quartz, shimmery opal, glowing garnet, dalmatian jasper, gold-brown tiger’s eye, crystals….oh I could go on. Just think of the glorious combinations! Endless fun, we crows have!

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