Sisters!: Everyday Magic, Day 76

A little over a week ago, I had a pajama party in Vermont with my little sisters. Considering they live in Orlando and I live in Kansas, just meeting in Vermont in itself was a feat, but it also a magical event for another reason: we had never gotten together just to visit like this before.

There are times you just had to look beyond coincidence to destiny. Turns out Lauren was going to be on business in Vermont, my sister Jen was coming, and it was happening just about when I would be at the Power of Words conference. So with a little finagling, we shifted ourselves together — both of them meeting me at the Brigadoon of Goddard College, which no one from my family of origin had seen before, for dinner, a wonderful storytelling performance by Nancy Mellon and powerful concert by Greg Greenway. Then we snuck off campus to a B & B for our pajama party.

What did we talk about? I’ll never tell, but suffice to say, we upheld the family habit of verbally exploring the lives of others in the family who were not present. We also had a blast, laughing a lot, teasing each other, discovering things we didn’t know about one another, and even sharing some stale but tasty cider donuts near bedtime.

Next year, we’ll do it all over again.


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