What’s There When We Look Up: Everyday Magic, Day 79

I’m not talking about metaphorically looking up, which I tend to do and have found overrated at times, but literally looking at the sky. This morning, I woke up to a facebook link from my son Daniel about just this thing, and it dazzled me. This video túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico! takes us through a time-lapsed day of sunrises (something I usually only see on video), mid-day skies, sunsets, and my favorite part, night skyscapes.

Watching it, I remember what I love most about living in Kansas and being alive in general: the sky, with its floods of stars, clouds, light and varieties of darkness (turquoise, purple-black, dark blue and much more). It’s happening all the time, even right now when we’re in one of the October days with one of those impossibly blue skies. Check it out, and also remember, especially when walking, it’s important to look down too.