Ducks, Gulls, Lake and Sky: Everyday Magic, Day 90

This morning, we managed to tear ourselves away from the computer and head out to the south side of Clinton Lake, where there were reported flocks of pelicans. While we probably arrived a little late for the pelicans, we did see thousands of seagulls, hundreds of black ducks, and an aerial display that was haunting and gorgeous.

The gulls rose, one side of their long stretch in the water lifting, like reverse dominos that rose instead of fell. They spread out a little, twisted, circled down and did it all over again. The ducks stayed low until we approaches, then split themselves in two groups, flutter sailing away. The wind was cold at first, surprisingly so, but by the way back, I had my jacket off as I trekked back up the hill behind Ken, the whole world alive with that late yellow/green of this time, the sumac reddening, the wind lifting and falling.

All we left behind were our shadows.


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