Doing As Little As Possible: Everyday Magic, Day 91

You know the zen saying, “Don’t just do something. Sit there!” Well, it’s just about an impossible challenge for me, yet this weekend, I was committed to doing as little as possible which, roughly translated, means taking care of myself. So what did I and didn’t I do?

  • Took lots of walks, in early morning, at night, in mid-day through overgrown grass (thank heavens the chiggers are dead) and maple-changing-shaded streets.
  • Took a nap each afternoon with the cat asleep on my chest.
  • Went to relaxation yoga class and fell deeply asleep in corpse pose.
  • Cleaned out pots and pans cabinets (but not all that well).
  • Didn’t jump into ready-made-old-pattern argument with Ken, but instead helped him sort through trash bags for missing screws.
  • Made a crockpot of soup.
  • Didn’t yell at my son about his homework.
  • Sat on the front porch and read “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” and other obvious arguments in a magazine my mother-in-law keeps sending me.
  • Didn’t take all the recyclables to recycling center.
  • Watched videos of Mercedes Sosa singing on youtube.
  • Made the bed but didn’t sweep the floor.
  • Made a lunch out of hummus, potato chips and rolled up pieces of turkey.
  • Had a long talk with the dog.
  • Went to a weenie roast and made a s’more.
  • Resisted all urges to save all causes, groups and kids (well, not completely on the kids).
  • Read the paper in a coffee shop while drinking a vegan egg cream.
  • Went to sleep early and slept late.

Now that it’s Sunday night, I have the delicious feeling that I didn’t waste any of the weekend.