25 Years of Marriage? WTF!: Everyday Magic, Day 94

Growing up more than a little quirky and in a home that went through an outrageously dramatic divorce (known to everyone in my extended family as “THE divorce”), I could never have imagined that one day I would nearing my 25th wedding anniversary. How do I even account for it? Of course, there are the standard answers: we “work” at our marriage, lots of long talks, some therapy and many good dinners along the way, and then just dumb luck. Here’s some of what we’ve traveled through:

  • 17 or more (I’ve lost count) cars, starting with a Dodge Dart and going through a parade of very used Toyotas.
  • One half-mile-wide tornado that lifted and turned north before it hit our house, other little tornados, one microburst, lows in the -20s and highs over 112, and the best lightning storms on the planet.
  • Several home renovation projects that propelled us to marriage counseling.
  • Thousands of films watched, critiqued, taken apart and put back together, including the very bad (Sheena, Queen of the Jungle) and very good (Wings of Desire).
  • Three refrigerators, two dishwashers, four washers and dryers, three stoves, three microwaves, two waffle irons, and multiple toasters.
  • A bout with cancer, a bad car accident, and lots of little scares and scars along the way.
  • Twelve books, including Wild Douglas County, Animals in the House, Seasons and Cycles of the Kaw Valley Watershed, The Sky Begins at Your Feet.
  • Six or seven desktops and four laptops. Many hours freaking out over viruses, trojan horses, and most of all, glitches in various word processing programs.
  • The Grand Canyon, the Rift Valley (Kenya), the Rockies, the Appalachians, White Sands, Asbury Park, the Ish Valley (B.C.), the Black Hills and Badlands, the Sonoran Desert, the Hill Country (Texas), the Green Mountains (Vermont), the White Mountains (N.H.), the Ozarks, and mainly, the Flint Hills, Smoky Hills and Tallgrass Prairies.
  • Two houses, three or four mortgages, including designing our own house and helping with the finishing work without seriously hurting ourselves or each other.
  • Three children, and three natural childbirths during which time I used many curse words and vowed, each delivery, never to have sex again.
  • Multiple camping trips that involved at least four of the following: mirgraines, getting lost, violent thunder storms, one or all the kids throwing up, flat tires or blown transmissions, truly bad food at a quaint little restaurant, speeding tickets, creepy motels, all five of us screaming at once in the car.
  • The loss of our dads and my step-dad, both our maternal grandfathers and grandmothers and our paternal grandmothers, some beloved cousins, and dear, dear friends,
  • Kaw, Oacc, Lou, Saul, Nelly Boy, Pinky Velvet, Judy A. Hunter, Akio, Miyako, Hideki, Sookie (cats), and Shelby Chocolate Pudding and Mariah Lily Karumba Lassman (dogs). Also everything imaginable from the herpotology family, and one bunny. Along with this, dozens of amphibian funerals.
  • Bioregional congresses in Missouri, British Columbia, Maine, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and Tennessee, plus hundreds of bioregional meetings and pages written for various publications.
  • Too-many-to-count fights, including some big ones, and even more long talks to work it out again.
  • Hundreds of yard sales, dates through the alleys to see what new delights were placed near dumpsters, and visits to thrift stores, plus a long-tended hatred of big box stores (often called Mordor).
  • Family development phases through Harry Potter, Monty Python, Mad Magazine (how Forest learned to read), David Sedaris, Chronicles of Narnia, and all things related to The Onion.
  • Countless coyotes and owls calling at night, turkeys meandering nearby in the day, and two sightings of bobcats out the front door.
  • About 109,500 interesting conversations (at least one each day).

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  1. Thank you both for all you do simply by being who you are! You and your family have been a strong, rich part of the tapestry of my life as a myriad of colorful threads and, of course, the occasional, surprising wild hare. It’s been a privilege and a blessing. Happy, happy 25!

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