Five Things Wrong With Doctors’ Waiting Rooms: Everyday Magic, Day 101

Because Daniel needed to visit five (yes, 5!) doctors to fill out various medical forms for his Peace Corps application, and I’m the one with the flexible hours, I’ve been working for two days in various doctors’ waiting rooms. Add to this Forest’s broken arm and lost retainer, and you know where I’ve been. Here’s what is most wrong about these rooms as best I can tell:

  1. Television: Why, oh, why, is there a television blasting anorexic blonde woman chatting with over-animation or soap operas playing?
  2. Golf Magazines: No surprise who brings these in from home, but seriously, why not something exotic and mind-expanding like Chinese fashion magazines in Mandarin or magazines devoted to the French Alps, how to make the perfect Baked Alaska, woodworking for babies, or Inuit dwellings?
  3. Hotel-Like Furniture and Watery Pastel Landscapes That Aren’t Nearly As Good As Looking At the Window: More and more offices are looking at more and more hotels: the same. I sat in the same chair, only slightly different texture in the beige or earth-tone strip cushion and stared at the same kind of art everywhere (why all this dampened down turquoise?). Why not black velvet paintings of great saints in one office, photographs of beetles in another, and sculptures of body parts in yet another? Turn each office over to a local artist — like the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York — and let him/her go to town!
  4. The sign that said, “Please no eating and drinking” in the endoscopy/colonoscopy office. The fresh cookies and sugary coffee in the orthodonist office.
  5. The wait.