Why I Love New York: Everyday Magic, Day 107

After walking 12-15 miles a day for four days, I’m post-callous, and we’re moving with greater ease and speed. Last night, Ken said to me that despite our walking like maniacs wherever we’re being called, and despite doing this at least once a year for many years, we can only skim the surface of what New York is really about. Yet that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to love:

  • One massively big window in a small room at our marvelously imaginative, clean, creative and location-location-location digs, Chelsea Lodge.
  • The Cloisters and mostly the park and setting it’s in with paths wrapping around in layers of rock, forests and breathtaking views.
  • Getting out the subway without any frickin’ idea of where we are and just walking whatever direction instinct calls.
  • Antica Venezia, the most astonishing restaurant of my life (and more on this later), and the elegant, warm and welcoming owner who calls me “Bella.”
  • Little surprises in Greenwich Village and all other places too.
  • Afternoon hot coca and espresso with a plate of assorted cookies that taste like heaven in, of course, Little Italy.
  • The light and how it reflects in buildings and across streets when it’s compressed and angled interesting ways by the height of the buildings.
  • The north woods area of Central Park and its non-human inhabitants.
  • Subways underground that suddenly come out into the air and climb to way overground for a stop or two.
  • How you walk one more block and enter one more world, again and again.