In Praise of Neighbors: Everyday Magic, Day 187

Though the woods dark and deep, I was Little Red Riding Hood yesterday (although it was more like Little Mauve Riding Hood) carrying a bag with a container of soup and loaf of banana bread. I was heading to our neighbor’s house, a wonderful man who cleared our long and winding drive twice in the last week so we could actually drive in and out without shooting off into the middle of the field.

Our neighbor does this for us and my mother-in-law, refusing payment, as his way of being a good neighbor. He also knows our tractor — a big orange number from the 1950s — is out of commission, and his is. So this is what he does. No matter that our politics, religion and general ideas about the origins of the world’s problems are acres apart.

By the time I got to his house, I found no one home, so it was back through the fields and along the deep woods home, but later last night, we drove over our little thank you, and of course, he was gracious and thankful. So were we. So this little email is in praise of neighbors — the ones who step forward and hold open the proverbial door, keep watch on strange cars approaching our homes, bring over casseroles when the news is bad, and even clear a half-mile winding drive up a hill and down again of snow…..repeatedly. Let’s hear it for the people who, simply by proximity, show up to help.


3 thoughts on “In Praise of Neighbors: Everyday Magic, Day 187

  1. Absolutely! Many times our wonderful neighbors have been there for us and it has made all the difference. I grew up in a very closely knit neighborhood in a small town and to this day I remember each kindness.

  2. When Bill and I lived out by Stull, a nice man whom everyone called “Red” cleared our mile-long driveway for us. All he wanted in return were some Swisher Sweets … his favorite little cigar. I miss those kind of neighbors.

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