Little (Chocolate) Hearts For Hard Times: Everyday Magic, 206

No sooner had I finished my last blog about the swarm of hard times descending when Becky stopped at the table where I was writing in the Merc cafe, and placed two squares of chocolate by my computer and hugged me. It was a good reminder of how we are so much a part of each other, so interconnected in sorrow and squares of chocolate. The rest of the day followed this reminder, and also included various little shapes of chocolate (the tiny chocolate hearts in the friend’s office I visited, the free samples of chocolate-cherry-pumpernickel bread at Wheatfields, and so on).

This is simply to say thank you — to those who wrote such encouraging comments, sent hugs and good wishes, and to those seen and unseen who hold me up in one way or another. While I can’t say what will happen with the budget of the great state of Kansas, my dear friends facing such mortal edges, and the rest, I know one thing prevails: how we treat each other. I’m treated by all of you reading this and joining in these words.


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