What Kind of Kitchen Appliance Would You Be?: Everyday Magic, Day 256

Staying up last night in the faculty dorm at Goddard, I trotted out my proverbial party question, one that only draws groans from the faculty in the MA Program where I teach, but actually charmed in the BA and BFA program where I’m teaching for a semester. If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be?

Without naming names, let’s just say we had these in the room: an Italian, very ornate espresso machine; a popcorn popper; a kitchenaide mixer with every attachment known to humankind; a stainless steel four-slice toaster with voluptuous, rounded edges; and venturing beyond the kitchen a bit, a curvy leather couch, and a compost toilet. Someone was quite offended to be told she was a refrigerator, and another person rejected the idea of being a dryer. We also found it’s far more entertaining to tell someone else what you think s/he would be rather than to name your own appliance of choice.

So looking around your kitchen, what might you and your close pals be?


3 thoughts on “What Kind of Kitchen Appliance Would You Be?: Everyday Magic, Day 256

  1. Garbage disposal – accepting everything, grinding it fine and, hopefully, letting it go! I often don’t feel as if I have much of a barrier between myself and everything else. That doesn’t necessarily mean I am cognizant of the needs of those around me, really I wish I could say I did. I guess I am trying to say, it isn’t what life sends you as much as how you respond.
    Thanks Caryn. I was surprised to find myself with such an automatic response.

  2. A crockpot, warm without being passionately hot, emitter of comforting odors, on standby for the long run. We were so poor it was a long time before I got my first crockpot, but now my crockpot is one of the last things I would be willing to let go.

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