Sudden Seasonal Shift Syndrome: Everyday Magic, Days 261-63

Yesterday morning, I wore a winter coat. There was snow on the ground. The air was delightfully warm at last: 45 degrees. Today I wear shorts. The wind is up and so is the temperature. It’s near 90 and humid as all get-out, and a storm is coming.

Shifting so suddenly from winter to summer can spin a gal’s head around. How could I have been in Vermont? Was it really winter for the last week, snow and sheet and subzero edges? How can it be so hot now? Where did all the redbuds come from, and the spring wasps, and the little buds exploding across fields and up and down trees?

I don’t know, only that I will savor the ice water and enjoy what I can until I arrive more fully in the season where I landed.


One thought on “Sudden Seasonal Shift Syndrome: Everyday Magic, Days 261-63

  1. It can be discombobulating to go from one season to another so quickly! Such is the dilemma in the age of air travel and full, wonderfully wild lives…welcome home!

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