Finding Our Cardboard Totem Animals: Everyday Magic, Days 287-88

Friday, I had one of the quintessential Lawrence nights out, wandering downtown on a perfect spring evening with Ken, Anne and Bruce, walking slow and talking fast until we landed at The Percolator where the art of Juniper Tangpuz took our breath away. Not only does Juniper make these astonishing animals out of cardboard, but he designs them to fold flat. In fact, K.T. told us that the whole show folds down to a small stack that fits into the back of Juniper’s small car.

Here we are with our new cardboard animal totems: Anne with the tiger, Ken with a bear, Bruce riding a wild peacock and me with a foxy fox. There’s something about posing with life-size mammals composed out of what normally would be throw-away material in our culture that just lifted my heart all week. Juniper also makes more than the wild kingdom: he made a violin and violin case (and when you play it — pulling the bow back and forth — a spinning circle of paper with slits in it shows you a character in animation) and all manner of contraptions and innovation.

Leaving the Percolator to feel that lush spring air welcoming us, we walked a little faster, talked a little less and laughed much more.


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