After the Party: Everyday Magic, Day 336

Clean, host, clean and marvel: that’s the day I’m traveling. We had a little soiree to celebrate Daniel’s college graduation, much of which was encompassed by scrubbing counters, slicing fruit, hauling chairs to the porch and sweeping floors. Then the party: snippets of good conversation about the evils of the drug industry, the delights and troubles of living with woodchucks under the porch, how the dead are always around us, and hot dogs, not dogs and in-between dogs. Clean, clean, clean afterwards, and now……that spacious and luscious place to land when the house is relatively clean, the sun is setting an orange song, the wind is blasting away the day’s humidity, and crickets are beginning to tell their stories.

Like many people, we love holding parties for for the parties, but also for that clean and open breeze they bring to us after everyone is gone, the BBQ grill is still warm, and the peace that comes afterwards encases us all. Writing this on the porch, the cat beside me on the next chair, the wind rising and falling, I’m glad to have cleaned and hosted my way home. And I’m delighted to be part of a community that understands the importance of celebrating whatever rites of passage we crawl or soar our ways through. Happy after-the-party peace to all.


2 thoughts on “After the Party: Everyday Magic, Day 336

  1. Celebrate with one – comfort
    Celebrate with family – comfort and joy
    Celebrate with family and friends – comfort, joy, and community.

    Thank Daniel for including us in his circle. We think of him as part of ours.

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