Coming Soon: Stories From Peru with Ken Lassman

Within a few days, Ken Lassman (who happens to be my husband), will be arriving in Lima, Peru, where he’ll be part of a team building and repairing wheelchairs for children and adults with disabilities, and training community members to build and repair wheelchairs into the future. Some of you read about this in Ken’s campaign — the Kansas-Peru Mobility Connection — and you can see a powerful little video on this project here.

I’ve invited Ken to be a guest blogger on this blog, sharing with you stories of immersing himself into another culture and land. Instead of working and driving through days of fall, he’ll be wandering and serving through days of spring. Ken is a wonderful writer (not that I’m biased), and the author of Wild Douglas County, among other articles and books. He especially has keen eyes for the wonders of the natural world and the magic around us in each breath. So please warmly welcome him soon when you see his posts.