Teaching An Old Dog New (Virtual) Tricks: Everyday Magic, Day 486

Know that scene in Bridget Jones when after having a journalistic sensation, Bridget she has a “sneaking suspicion” that she’s also a genius in the kitchen only to end up cooking blue soup with strings in it? I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to me when it comes to building on my wordpress-website-building knack. You see, I’m trying to teach myself to update my website, which has a wicked-cool design thanks to the artistry of my friend, Alexandra Hartman (now Porsi). Because of this unusually and beautiful kind of design (which one of my compared to Bollywood as a website), this site is hosted a whole different way than the way I know.

Which is all a way of saying I’m probably in over my head, but it is time for me to take over updating my own site, so I’m trying to teach myself in between asking my son questions. As a person who hates reading directions on how to do things, and yet as someone just barely wise enough to know that trial and error with one’s website can lead to massive hysterics and psychotic-evoking sleep-deprivation, I’m making myself read articles, move slow, see if I can catch on. I only know a little code (that language most websites are written in on their undersides so that they look all spiffy in their skin), and I’m stepping into a lot of the that kind of not knowing what you don’t know.

The upside is that when I learn how to do something new on this computer, I often feel like Rocky after his big fight (or Bridget Jones after that long kiss with Colin Firth). So here’s to hoping I don’t end up with stringy blue soup.


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