What’s In My Car?: Everyday Magic, Day 609

Cleaning out the car today, I discovered how prepared I am for impromptu camping, yoga, reading or flossing, not to mention vacuuming. Here’s what I’ve been hauling in my car lately:

  • The New York Times Practical Guide to Practically Everything
  • A pink and maroon (yes, those colors clash) vacuum cleaner I found on the curb
  • Three yoga mats
  • Several paper bags full of empty beer bottles, mostly from Free State Brewery but there was also something called “Woodchuck’s Hard Cider” in there
  • 26 copies of The Divorce Girl, just in case I need to do a flash reading on the road
  • A small tent (so that’s where that was!)
  • Pema Chodron’s Comfortable With Uncertainty
  • A scratched-up CD of the soundtrack from Fields of Dreams
  • Two forks and five spoons
  • An empty box from a mini blender
  • Four rolls of duck tape (because you never know)
  • A pair of beloved purple earrings kept in the passenger-side door handle
  • A button with an unfortunate picture of me on it (at least, I can hope that’s not what I usually look like)
  • A relaxation CD broken cracked down the middle
  • A small but broken umbrella (as if such a thing would be needed in Kansas)
  • Two containers of dental floss, three toothbrushes, and at least a dozen small bottles of pills for ailments ranging from congestion to hives
  • Fold-out maps picked up along this van’s travels of Missouri, Arizona, Iowa (three maps of Iowa actually), Minnesota, Colorado, Utah (although I haven’t been there for over a decade), Kentucky, Oklahoma and the city of Knoxville.
  • Cough drops from 1999.
  • Half a dozen laminated yoga cards with various stick figures doing impossible things with ease
  • A half-eaten large rawhide bone (not mine, but Shay’s)
  • Small stones from Lake Superior, the Rockies and a zen garden somewhere I can’t remember
  • A book of Mary Oliver poetry sometimes used for teaching yoga
  • A pink glass plate once loaded high with spaghetti that Daniel left in the backseat (conveniently power-washed by Shay)
  • A bag of miniature apples (bonsai apples) from the farmer’s market
  • Boarding passes for BTV-ORD-MCI and MCO-MCI
  • A pink ball cap from the Bahamas
  • A bag of suddenly ugly jeans from the late 1980s and early 1990s that I kept for years until I could fit into them only to realize that even if I could, I wouldn’t
  • Three cans of bug spray and an empty tube of sunscreen
  • An old air popcorn popper to be donated because who wants to eat air-popped popcorn?
  • Several Soduko books and a very old Mad Libs book the kids filled up while driving up and down mountains in between throwing up because of the altitude
  • Shay the dog, sitting patiently in the backseat, trying to will me to drive him somewhere (which I did)

One thought on “What’s In My Car?: Everyday Magic, Day 609

  1. This cracked me up!
    I can relate because my trunk is similar.
    Where oh where will the people ride?

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