Caryn is offering a limited number of coaching opportunities — custom-designed one-on-one programs in writing (editing, revising, publishing, and more), workshop facilitation, and related topics — face-to-face, or by phone or video-conferencing. If this speaks to you, please contact her at to set up a free 20-minute visit to discuss your interests, how she can help, and best next steps.

Coaching Topics:

  • What to write about, and how to dive in and keep going;
  • What process, techniques, inspiration, and magic works best for you, whether you’re just getting started, returning to writing, or deepening your practice;
  • Critiques of your work to prepare it for publication and readings;
  • Publishing tips and strategies, including DIY, preparing book proposals for agents and publishers, connecting with local sources, and other strategies;
  • Building your audience through best practices for readings, blogs, presentations, and workshops;
  • The craft and practice of writing poetry, novels, memoir, non-fiction books and articles, and mixed-genre writing;
  • Preparing for presentations, talks, and other public forays;
  • Strengthening the architecture of a poem, story, novel, memoir, or article;
  • Designing, facilitating, and assessing community workshops; and/or
  • Writing as part of your Right Livelihood.

Sessions: Sessions are 50 minutes, followed up by notes, resources, writing prompts and/or readings shares via Google Docs (where you and Caryn can also see your work simultaneously as it evolves). Depending on your needs, you and Caryn may agree to use some of your session time to have her read and comment on your writing beforehand or afterward. Coaching may be done in person, or via phone or video conferencing. Caryn is available weekdays, and for some evenings and weekend times.

Fees and Packages available: Once you and Caryn determine it’s a good fit for you to work together, we can arrangement payment via checks, cash, or Paypal:

3 session: $70/session for total of $210.

6 session: $65/session for total of $324.

10 session: $60/session for total of $600.

Individual sessions: $75.


“I have loved working with Caryn! She has helped me take my experiences as a child psychiatrist, medical educator and Avatar Master, and find a voice that touches others. She helps me get what is in my heart onto paper. In addition to being a midwife for my messages, she is an expert guide for the craft of wordsmithing. Thanks, Caryn!” ~ George Thompson, MD, psychiatrist, educator, and writer.

“Caryn’s encouragement, even enthusiasm, for helping me revise and complete short stories, once started and never finished, has been a wonderful collaborative venture. Never the critic, she’s always the consummate partner in the creative process. Her skill, talent, wit, and wisdom have shown me the way to begin writing again, which is a restorative healing process. Caryn has taught me to reach deep within and unabashedly, without apology or shame, to tell my own story.” ~Julie Flora, artist and writer

Experience: Caryn has been actively mentoring people in writing, workshop facilitation, and related topics through one-on-one teaching at Goddard College since 1996, teaching at the college level since 1986, consultations with workshop participants for several decades, and facilitating workshops widely on everything from working with your artistic callings, to deep poetry revision, to starting and finishing your book. Her writing coaching superpower is seeing the whole picture of a part or or entire collection of writing, then working with people on organization and development. She has taught hundreds of in-person workshops and classes as well as online classes through the Loft Literacy Center and the Transformative Language Arts Network. She is also certified in poetry therapy, trained in group process and facilitation, and has worked as a freelance writer, workshop facilitator, and presenter. See her complete bio here, and a list of venues and communities she’s worked with here.